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This is actually a bottle opener in the shape of a horse brass.  Red Lion 1521. 


reference code MET12


Concealed direct pull corkscrew in the novelty design of a key.  Features a crowned head Sofia. Lovely twist lock closing action.  Minor wear to this item,  still lovely though.


Reference code: - BN2


Metal and enamel Herne corkscrew.  One small chip to the dark blue enamel.



Reference code: - BN3

Wood direct pull corkscrew,  minor wear to the handle which does not detract from using it.



Reference code: - BN4


Stunning Victorian etched wine glass. Embellished with fern fronds.  Bautiful.  Imagine having an evening glass of wine from this.  I can't see any damage to this glass.


Reference code: - BN5



Victorian pewter measure - half gil. No markings on bottom.


Reference code: - BN7



Silver plated decanter label. Whisky.


referance:- BN8


Silver plated decanter label. Sherry.


referance: - BN10


Stylish hallmarked silver plain decanter label.



Reference code: - BN11


Victorian Gil measure.  Has 'G. WHITEHEAD' stamped into the front. No markings on the bottom.



Reference code: - BN12


Henshall style direct pull corkscrew with brush and hanging loop.Mid 19thC.  in my opinion the point could do with a sharpen, other than that good condition.



Reference code: - BN13



Hercules open frame mechanical cork screw C1900.


Reference code: - BN14



Victorian half pint measure made in copper and brass.  Good condition.


Reference code: - BN15



Stunning Mettlach tankard by Villeroy & Boch.  Stands just under 17 cms tall.


Reference code: - BN18


Beautiful trellis and vine covered flaggon. W.Brownfield C1880. Condition report: The plating to the stopping is fairly worn.  I can see a small graze on one side, approx 2mm, to one side of the flaggon.  Other than that I see it in good condition.


Reference code: - BN21



Sky blue Johnny Walker water jug. Measures approx 13.5 cms base to spout.  Made by Wade.  Looks to be in good condition.


Reference code: - BN24


Carlton Ware bar display "Pick Flowers Brewmaster"


 Ref code BN212



Large Bell's Old Scotch Whiskey water jug by Wade.  Stands approx 19 cms tall.  Looks to be in good condition.


Reference code: - BN26